Marissa Farrell, RPYT, E-RYT, CCCE

I learned early that movement was my best heartfelt expression. When words failed to communicate everything I wanted to say, my body was my best voice. Lucky then for me, I was a dancer from the time I was 2 years old.

Through dance and the study of movement, I started learning to be inspired by this human experience. During my youth, to live was to dance. I took this concept so seriously I graduated from a performing arts high school and earned a BFA at The Ohio State University majoring in dance. While I continue to resonate with that expression, now, as an adult, as a mother and still as a dancer, yoga has become the means to live that dance.

Studying yoga from the early age of 19, the movement, concepts, teachings, teachers, all have evolved around me and within me. Yoga is much too small a word to encompass what it means to do and teach this beautiful art and study. By becoming a yoga instructor, I became more of a dedicated student of yoga, movement, the body, mind, and the universe within and without. Teaching is the greatest gift of yoga.

I am a ToLabor Certified Doula and enjoy providing the support to women in pregnancy, labor, childbirth and beyond to allow a mother to feel safe, loved, informed, and able to have a beautiful childbirth experience. I have been teaching Childbirth Education class for a number of years and have a passion for providing comprehensive education with regards to pregnancy, labor and birth, possible interventions / augmentations and the possible side effects from those interventions. I am well versed natural remedies for the discomforts of pregnancy, labor contractions, induction, and delivery.